Whether you are receiving a personalised budget or are self-funding your own care support, you can select the agency of your choice. 

Our agency will deliver your care support in the way you want it delivered and with the highest standards.

We work with local authority commissioned services, local authority direct payments/personalised budgets as well as those who are self-funding their own care. 

Visits can be anything from 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minute visits or even several hours a day, 24 hours or overnight sleepovers if required.

You are entitled to an assessment whether your care is going to be State funded or paid for privately. As a private funder, it is particularly useful to have an assessment of your needs if there is a chance that your financial resources might reduce to the level where you would be seeking funding from the council in the future. It would also, in these circumstances, be unwise to choose a care agency that does not match your assessed needs as you would need to find a third party to top up your care fees if they were higher than the local authority would be prepared to pay.

Just call us to arrange a free no-obligation home assessment visit, we tailor your care support package to suit your own personal needs.